My name is Vanda. I am born in Portugal and I am very proud to be Portuguese. Right now I am living in Germany. Since I meet many persons  here and they ask me about Portugal, I decided to start this website.

To make it very clear, you will not find everything about Portugal here. I traveled a lot through the country and I will try to share my best experiences with you. I will present beautiful areas in Portugal. All is very personal.

If there are places or things I do not have the information myself, I will try to find very good websites, which did a good job, although I will not take any responsibility about information given at these sites. So if it is important, better make sure you cross-check twice before going there.

Coming back to my site. I enjoy traveling a lot. For me a good travel usually goes hand in hand with good food. Believe me Portugal has to offer a wide variety of both – good food & good drinks. Most probably you knew that already. So you can expect to find quite some info’s about Portuguese wine and Port Wine.

Oh, before I forget. This is also not a Blog or a news driven website, which will be updated daily or weekly. I will update the page as often as possible. Also I want to introduce new areas over time.

If you have any recommendations or thoughts, please do not hesitate to write me a message.  But do not expect me to answer, since I am very busy with other projects too.

Now I wish you a lot of fun surfing my site. If any of my information will make your travel to Portugal any nicer or if any product choice makes you happy, I achieved my goal and I will be happy too and if possible share with me your experience.