Lisbon, Capital of Portugal

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Lisbon is the Capital of Portugal. The city offers a little bit of all Portugal.

Here you find the wonderful view for the river Tejo, where you can make many aquatic activities. You also can play golf, there are many great places. There are also many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and also the ocean Atlantic. You can visit the 2nd biggest aquarium of the world, or the zoo, or museums, Cathedrals, the roman aqueduct, the castles, etc.

There are plenty of thing that you can do in the city, due to the city activity, this is one of the city which never sleeps. Somewhere you will always find something great to do.

One of the many famous things to do is making a drive with electric bus, its one of the oldest trains and its worth to travel in.

The coffee place are something very typical in Portugal, there is always one near by. But if you want to eat the most famous Portuguese cake, then you need to visit Pastéis de Belém. It’s worth to visit although you need to wait a little.

Here are also the stopover of many Cruises, so if you have the chance to go to near the river, don’t hesitate.

If you want to relax in a park, the city have a bigger offer that you will not even think anymore that you are in a city. Also if you want to go shop there are many shopping malls and the closing time in most of then is 22:00h, so you have time enough for enjoy your day and after that eat something and visit your favorite shops and get some souvenirs.

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