Region Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela (or Mountain of Star), also called by the Romans as Herminius Mons, is the highest point in Continental Portugal and has 1,993 meters ( 6,539 feet).

The highest point is in Torre, the Tower, and you can reach it by car. There is also a ski resort called Vodafone Ski Resort.

The region Serra da Estrela has three rivers, Mondego which cross the country, Zêzere and Alva. The mountains range are part of Serra da Estrela Natural Park and they are about 100 kilometers ( 60 miles ) long and 30 kilometers (19 miles ) across.
It’s also a home of hydroelectric system of dams, inclusive it was very popular this year 2016 due to a video of a funnel-shapped cone in the lake at Covão dos Conchos. You can see the video below.

There are so many things related to the region Serra da Estrela but there are two very well known like the cheese from the region very famous and the recipe is older then 2000 years and the Estrela Mountain Dog which is a livestock guardian dog.

What is also very good in the regio Serra da Estrela are the trails, you can ski, hiking, climbing, mountaineering and there are also a lots of cultural tours around. There are many municipals related to Serra da Estrela like Seia, Guarda, Covilhã, Manteigas, etc.

If you like mountains and if you are in holidays in Portugal for sure you can make a visit to the region Serra da Estrela, no matter what time of the year, this range of mountain are worth a visit and they are not so far from the coast.

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