Viseu, the best portuguese city to live

Viseu is a beautiful city surround by mountains and three rivers Vouga, Dão and Pavia. In 2007 was consider the best portuguese city to live by DECO, a portuguese association to the defense of the consumer.

The city is also called City of Green Pine due to the surround of areas of Pine Tree. The micro clime is also something very special in this city and in the region.

The city of Viseu is a big part of Portugal history because here was where Viriatus, he was the commander of the Lusitania tribe and army, fought the Romans.

Viseu have to much to offer as sightseeing, culture, leisure and health and wellness. The city have a huge variety of historic places to visit also museums and monuments which will enrich your culture about the city. Also you can have visit historic villages, mountains and castles or natural Parks. Here you will find all the types of activities like balloon flights, cycling, mountain tours, holidays activities or kids and family activities, and water sports .

One of the many great things this city have is the nature surround, you will be amazed how great it’s to be in the city and so close to nature and the fresh air that rarely you will find in a city, and here you will find it.

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