Popular Saints’ Festivals, Saint John, Oporto

Popular Saints’ Festivals are all June around the country. In Oporto will happen from the 23th to the 24th of June, and the Festival is about Saint John, or São João in Portuguese.

The tradition is very diverse and you will many actions like launching hot balloons into the sky, plastic hammers hitting the heads of each other, jumping bonfires, offering friends and relatives a potted basil decorated with traditional poems.

In Saint John, there is a broad agenda that integrates multiple animation initiatives, ranging from music to sport, through the traditional raids, street parties, not forgetting the obligatory fire fireworks over the river Douro and the race St. John. It’s also where the families and friends get together and celebrate.

Saint John is the local holiday in Oporto and the main attraction of the day is the fun and the laughter. The streets are full of decorations, popular music and stalls where you can get something to eat or drink.

Since the Saint John day is also the celebration of the solstice, the weather is great and the food as request is sardines grilled with bread, salad of green peppers, and traditional Portuguese cabbage soup, called Caldo Verde.

After the fireworks the party continues until the sunrise, some parties take place in the river, some take place in the beach and others at home.

If you are near Oporto in this days, don’t miss this awesome day, it will be a remarkable day in your live.

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