Pedras Salgadas SPA & Nature Park

Pedras Salgadas SPA & Nature Park, as the name already suggest is a accomodation with SPA and integrated in a Natural Park. The accomodation is located in the north of Portugal, around about one hour from the city Oporto.

The touristic complex of 4 stars have Eco-houses, Tree-houses, gardens, tennis court, minigolf, termal spa and so much more in a area of 20 hectares, all the ingredients for a relax holidays or a perfect weekend.

The accomodation were very well thought, because they want all to be integrated in nature and give the perspective and feeling of you be part of the wonderful park, its a great experience with nature for everyone. Here you have all you need for the time you stay, its a great experience also with the nature sounds and to observe the nature.

One of the great adventure in this area, beside all the great other adventures that you can do, is the hiking of trees, you don’t need to have any sports preparation only the skills of hiking and love for high.

Also when you are near by, you should stop over by the factory of Água das Pedras. Its a very well known water in the world and the greatest is that is colected from Pedras Salgadas and the gas isn’t add, the water is collected exactly like is in the nature. This factory is more then 140 years old.



The greatest of this SPA is that is really for everyone, no matter if you have kids, or if you want just a time with your partner, or if you have a team event, or event if you need to have some time alone and enjoy great activities.



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Pedras Salgadas SPA & Nature Park Website

Address Parque Pedras Salgadas
5450 – 140 Bornes de Aguiar
Trás-os-Montes · Portugal
+351259 437 140

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