Piglet roasted of Bairrada

leitao á bairrada portugal travel
sandwisch of leitao portugal travel
Sandwich of Leitao – Portugal Travel

Leitão á Bairrada is a typical dish of the Bairrada region. It is considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese gastronomy. The presentation of the dish is made of boar, ribs, shank roast piglet and some orange slices.

The place I recommend is the restaurant Pedro dos Leitões in Aveiro region. The preparation for this Pig Roast is different from others because it is placed whole on a spit in a wood oven with salt and pepper paste, for two hours is manually rotated by experts, to acquire the golden and crisp color.

The Leitão has to be between a month and a month and half of age, just being breastfed by the mother’s milk and have to be between 7-8 kilos of weight. This Pig Roast can only be two races Bísaro and Tabby Alcobaça. These breeds have the particularity to have a slow growth and the difficulty of getting fat. The Leitão á Bairrada has particularity of not feed on oak acorns and that is the reason why its meat tastes different and tasty. The mother of the pig has a totally natural feed.

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sandwich of leitao for take away portugal travel
Sandwich of Leitao for take-away – Portugal Travel

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suace for leitao portugal travel
Sauce for Leitao – portugal Travel

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