Évora, Honor to Julius Caesar

Round about 90 minutes from Lisbon is the City of Évora. The City is situated in the Alentejo Region. The city was founded by the Romans and the high Town in honor to Julius Caeser. The City of Évora has 2 millennia of history. The City of Évora was classified by UNESCO in 1986 as Common Heritage of Mankind.

The Roman Temple of Évora, known as Temple of Diana ( Roman Goddess of the hunt ), is classified as National Monument by IGESPAR and as World Heritage City by UNESCO. It is surrounded by walls from the Medieval time. Of all the entries that the walls have, just one been saved, the Port of Aviz.

Along the Tourism Office of Évora is possible to obtain hearing aids that help you betterunderstand the City and it’s monuments. One of the monuments which are worth to seeing is the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption, best known for the Cathedal of Évora. It’s the largest Portuguese Cathedral, has a particularity of have the tree types of marble white, pink and green.



  • Évora Roman Temple or Temple of Diana
  • Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption or Cathedral of Évora
  • Royal Church of San Francisco
  • Chapel of Bones
  • Dom Manuel Palace
  • Convent Lóios
  • Clock Museum
  • Aqueduct of Silver Water


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