Motel Emoções, Santa Maria da Feira, St.Valentine’s Day

Motel Emoções or Motel Emotions, is located in Santa Maria da Feira a city near Oporto, around 20 minutos with car.

St. Valentine’s Day is near and if you want to surprise your partner, the Motel Emoções offer a great and unforgetable evening.

There you will find the services you are looking forward when you want to have a romantic night with your love.

The decoration is made to the detail and the service is excelente, there is also a lot of discretion, so you don’t need to be shy.



Motel Emoções has also the service of dinner inclusive, if you book with 24h in advance, and you can also choose something which isn’t in the menu, this is a great service for you can enjoy the moment.The Motel also offers internet service and a SPA suite.

Also very interesting is the flexibility that you can have a stay between 2 hours and 24 hours it’s all up to you.

If you are near Oporto and you want a private dinner and romantic SPA suite, for sure you should make a reserve with Motel Emoções.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



Contact and Booking:

Motel Emoções – Santa Maria da Feira

Address Avenida São Cristóvão 3100

Santa Maria da Feira
Norte · Portugal
Telephone: +351220 423 211


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