Funchal,”The Atlantic Pearl”

The Funchal City is located on the island of Madeira. The airport is 20km from the city center. This city is known as Funchal due to the abundance of fennel found by the first settlers. The beauty of Funchal is located in the natural amphitheater on the one hand its mountains with an altitude of 1800m and on the other its bay, maritime port and volcanic beaches.

Funchal Maritime port is very important for the European cruise where is perform very often scales. One of the most typical transport in Madeira is the “car-of-Basket” where visitors can descend a distance of 2km from Mount to Livramento, is a full of emotions route. The Farmers market is a place much visited for its variety and organization of small streets and small squares.

The city of Funchal is one of the most requested in the period of New Year’s Eve and was considered from 2006 to 2007, the greatest show of pyrotechnics of the Year. This show is world known as Festival of the Atlantic or Firework Festival of Madeira .



  • Botanical Garden Cable Car
  • Mount Funchal
  • The Public Sea Promenade
  • Blandy Wine Lodge
  • Boat ride, where you observe dolphins and whales
  • Fort São José
  • Farmhouse of Palheiro Ferreiro
  • Palace São Lourenço


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