Oporto, city Invicta

Oporto is a city also known as Porto, is located in the north of Portugal and once it was called Portus Cale, which is where the Portugal name come from.

Oporto is called the city “invicta” or unbeatable, due to a historic battle where the city never was conquered.

Its one of the oldest cities in Europe and also well known by its wine, the Port Wine. This wine is being produce and packed in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia and being transport by the famous boats “barcos rabelos”, they are everywhere in the river Douro.

Oporto is also a city where you can spend many days and still you didn’t see all. The city is full of diversity, so you can have many discovers, like the cellars of Port Wine, museums, architecture tours, river tours, outdoor activities, historic buildings, gardens and much more.

The gastronomy is very special and worth to try, the restaurants have rustic decoration which can make you travel in time. And you will also be surprise in some restaurants with FADO, the typical portuguese music.

Here you have many gardens and parks, there are also tours available to visit them. One of the most attractions in the city are the flowers camellia, in the spring the city is bless with cammelia, something you will enjoy to see.

Oporto is called Porto in portuguese and the name Oporto come from a language misunderstand because the portuguese language use the article before the name.

Oporto is a very active city and you will always find something to do somewhere.

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