Doces Finos Algarve

doces finos algarve portugal travel

Doces Finos Algarve, is a typical sweet from the region Algarve. They are very popular by their special forms. Everywhere in the region you will find them and also you will enjoy to see which forms and details they have. There are two types of Doces Finos Algarve , the ones which are cooked and […]

Piglet roasted of Bairrada

leitao á bairrada portugal travel

Leitão á Bairrada is a typical dish of the Bairrada region. In 2011 it was considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese gastronomy.

Pão de Ló, de Alfeizerão

Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão - Portugal Travel

Pão de Ló de Alfeizerão, is a sponge cake very famous in Alfeizerão near Alcobaça, Lisbon. The secret behind this special cake is that is not ready.

Caldo Verde, soup

The Caldo Verde is a very common soup on New Year’s Eve in Portugal. It is usually served after midnight.

Alheira, Mirandela

alheira assada portugal travel

Alheira is a traditional sausage filled from Mirandela. According to history, this sausage filled was created by the new Christians because they have been denied their Jewish religion.

Feijoada á transmontana

feijoada foto pin portugal travel

Feijoada á transmontana is a dish typical from the north of Portugal. Feijoada is also a dish from the area of Valpaços and was create for the Sunday before the carnival, due to the quarantine. The dish is made with bean stew, with pork meat and with a garnish of rice. In the northwest the […]