Crib Christmas, Vila Real de St António, Algarve

Algarve Biggest Crib Christmas Crib Christmas or Presépio de Natal as the portuguese call, is very common in Portugal, you will find in the Christmas season all over the country, Crib Christmas with various sizes and also with artificial figures or with real persons. One of the very nice ones is in Vila Real the […]

Vitoria Stone Hotel, Évora , Alentejo

Vitoria Stone Hotel is located in Évora, in the region Alentejo. Alentejo is a very beautiful region where you can relax and enjoy the great weather and also it’s great culture. This hotel is a four star, but with almost all requests of a five star hotel. There are plenty of activities inside and outside […]

Viseu, the best portuguese city to live

Viseu is a beautiful city surround by mountains and three rivers Vouga, Dão and Pavia. In 2007 was consider the best portuguese city to live by DECO, a portuguese association to the defense of the consumer. The city is also called City of Green Pine due to the surround of areas of Pine Tree. The […]