Sintra, Lisbon

Sintra is a city located in the Portuguese Riviera, the Portuguese Riviera is the west coastal region of Lisbon Region.

Sintra is wellknown by his Romantic Landscapes and arquitectural monuments. It’s also classified by UNESCO as a Word Heritage Site.

It’s very difficult to describe Sintra, because you find peace, relaxing, inpiration and great experiences that only you can have and will not be easy to describe to someone who haven’t been there.

There are many sightseeing, atractions and events that you can do in Sintra alone, with your friends, family or your partner.

This city have a big variety of landscapes, from the Mountains to the Beaches. Also a variety of Castles and Palaces, as many Parks and Gardens. All in one place!

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Sintra Parks offer Free Wi-Fi for visiteurs, find here the locations:

– National Palace of Pena: entrance, store, restaurant and cafeteria terrace
– Palace and Park of Monserrate: entrance and teahouse
– National Palace of Sintra : entrance and store
– Moorish Castle: entrance and cafeteria
– National Palace of Queluz: entrance
– Chalet of the Countess of Edla: entrance
– Convent of the Capuchos: entrance

There are some rules, due to conserve the region and also that the city continue be an inspiration for all the visiteurs, here you will find the most important rules: visite RULES OF CONDUCT.

Another great project of Parques de Sintra is make the city available to everyone, so you will find access with information, phisically and services support for all persons with deficiences. Parques de Sintra also became a member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT) and works with many portuguese associations. Check here the ACCESSIBILITY.



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