Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is the oldest village in Portugal. It is located in the north of the country and it is around one and a half an hour from Porto city. The village is called ponte de Lima, because the village was build around the bridge which gives you the abilty to cross the river […]

Caldo Verde, soup

The Caldo Verde is a very common soup on New Year’s Eve in Portugal. It is usually served after midnight.

Alheira, Mirandela

alheira assada portugal travel

Alheira is a traditional sausage filled from Mirandela. According to history, this sausage filled was created by the new Christians because they have been denied their Jewish religion.

Feijoada á transmontana

feijoada foto pin portugal travel

Feijoada á transmontana is a dish typical from the north of Portugal. Feijoada is also a dish from the area of Valpaços and was create for the Sunday before the carnival, due to the quarantine. The dish is made with bean stew, with pork meat and with a garnish of rice. In the northwest the […]

Popular Saints’ Festivals, Saint John, Oporto

Popular Saints’ Festivals are all June around the country. In Oporto will happen from the 23th to the 24th of June, and the Festival is about Saint John, or São João in Portuguese. The tradition is very diverse and you will many actions like launching hot balloons into the sky, plastic hammers hitting the heads […]

Douro Valley Half Marathon, the most beautiful race in the world

Douro Valey Half Marathon, is the most beautiful half Marathon in the world and happens in 15th May at 10:30h. This race is in one of the most beautiful places of Portugal, Peso da Régua, and happens in the heart of the Douro Wine Region, is also consider by UNESCO as World Heritage. If you […]

Santa Luzia, Viana do Castelo

santa luzia viana do castelo portugal travel

Santa Luzia is a hill in Viana do Castelo. This hill has a sanctuary called Santa Luzia and is one of the treasure from the north region.

Oporto, city Invicta

Oporto is a city also known as Porto, is located in the north of Portugal and once it was called Portus Cale, which is where the Portugal name come from.

Pousada de Amares, Sta Maria do Bouro

The Pousada de Amares in Santa Maria do Bouro is located in Northern Region. This Pousada has been fully recovered and transformed by the architect Souto Moura in 1997.

Guimarães, Cradle City

The City of Guimarães is located in the North Region of Portugal. Guimarães is one of the most important cities in Portugal. Often referred to as the “Cradle City”. Here was born, by tradition, the first King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. This City of over a Millennium, has been the main center of government’s […]