Douro Valley Half Marathon, the most beautiful race in the world

Douro Valey Half Marathon, is the most beautiful half Marathon in the world and happens in 15th May at 10:30h.

This race is in one of the most beautiful places of Portugal, Peso da Régua, and happens in the heart of the Douro Wine Region, is also consider by UNESCO as World Heritage.

If you love run and you want enjoy a wonderful nature view next to the river Douro, this is for sure a place that you want to visit and also participate in this great event, this is the 11th Edition and the team is very proud to announce once again the event.

There are also other running events in Portugal and the team is also organizing them, if you don’t have the change to be part of this one, maybe you want to look up other options too, the events are always with motto of World Heritage places.

The prices for the registrations in the Douro Valley Half Marathon are 18€ for the half Marathon and 8€ for the mini Marathon. With registration comes also other offers to visit museums, or to see concerts, also discounts in many other places.

However if you are also near by, don’t miss the event, you will have the opportunity to see the half Marathon, the mini Marathon , the wheelchair half Marathon and also many international figures of the running world.

In the days 13th and 14th of May, will be presented the region products from the sponsors at the Running Village and also the intensive care support, like tests and nutrition for free at the Running Care.

EDP Douro Valley Half Marathon is an official race from Running Wonders- Half Marathon circuit on World Heritage.

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