Dream Village, Loulé, Algarve

Dream Village, White Friday , Crib Christmas Tour and more…

The Dream Village ( Aldeia dos  Sonhos)  is located in Loulé, Algarve and is a small Christmas village. The village is an idea of bring the Christmas magic to the Loulé region.

The village open in the last weekend of November and is open until the 30th of December. There are many programs for the visiters and they are divers during the months, the programs are not available the full month, so the bets way is looking what are the programs for the days you want to visit the village.

The main idea of the project Dream Village is presenting the village of Loulé and the region and also the products available in the region.

The entrance is free but you will need to pay some activities or concerts or theaters.




Dream Village is open in the afternoon during the week days and all day during the weekends. The village is a representation of the Christmas Village, so you will find the house of Santa Claus, traditional toys, snow man, face painting areas, Christmas gastronomy, etc.

The village isn’t only in one location, you have all over the city many areas with diverse activities like the library with reading history, or the super slider radical, or the inflates or the little ones, also there will be some parades, etc.

There are also some activities of adults like workshops where you can learn to make pralines, or Christmas crowns, or the traditionalist Christmas gastronomy of the region, etc.




There is also a great surprise which is the White Friday and in this day will snow and also the shops all have promotions and they are open until 23h.

If you have the chance to visit the region of Loulé there is also a great tour in Alte and is the Crib Christmas Tour, something which you will enjoy to see.


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